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Transform Mushroom Stud Earrings

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These elongated oval stud earrings feature original art by LanaBetty of a delightful clump of mushrooms exploding from the earth. One even has a little moon on it. Mushrooms have a deep symbolic meaning in our lives. They symbolize transformation, good health, and fertility. People have been using mushrooms for psychedelic experiences, rituals, and explorations for ages.

For us, these earrings embody the idea that regular exploration of your mind is valid and encouraged. "Explore the chaos that brings about rebirth and changed perspectives. Step wholly into your power."

A new direction for LanaBetty, this collection features earrings that have been cast, oxidized, polished, and brightened in our Vancouver studio to help you dig deep and find your center. Please note that each piece is individually polished and oxidized. The final design and patina may differ slightly than the one pictured here.

The mantra collection is a combination of thoughtful art and gentle reminders to support and guide you through your day. Each design is imbued with a mystical formula of invocation, each inscribed with its own unique mantra; a small message of strength and encouragement to find your path, wherever it may lead.


  • Earrings available in Bronze.
  • Each earring measures 15mm long by 12mm wide.
  • Gold Filled posts (9mm long) with matching ear nuts.
  • The backside of each earring says "LanaBetty" so you know who made your jewelry.