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Veneto, Italian Leather Belt, Black

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Uppdoo named their belts based on the origin of the leather in Italy! Each belt is hand crafted to carry out the best quality Italian leather. The classy 'Veneto' belt showcases the wonderfully hand-polished Italian leather from Veneto Region. Their leather is best known for longevity and incredible rich colours! Simple and timeless design to let the leather speaks for itself. Custom-designed Japanese solid belt buckle set is weighty and polished.

Details & Fit

  • Italian top full-gain leather from Veneto
  • Japanese solid brass buckle set in brushed finish
  • Solid cord leather is soft to the touch
  • Adjustable design fits between 28" - 42" waist 
  • Belt is 1.75" wide
  • Handmade in Toronto
  • Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo