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Lolitas Candle Co.

Rome Pillar Candle, Unscented

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Hand poured soy and beeswax blend unscented candles.  Sold in pairs. Burn time is approximately 9 hours.


1" Wide ( Bottom 7/8" Wide ) x 10 1/4" tall.  They fit in 7/8" candle holders.

Please read instructions below for a smooth burn.  

The natural characteristics make them softer than paraffin candles.  We use high-quality, pure soy wax and blended it with white beeswax. When it is burning, the aroma released is healthy and environmentally friendly.  Due to the grooved texture, there is no guarantee that they are 100% dripless.  If you follow the tips, you will have a wonderful burning experience and avoid a mess!  Always stay vertical, always keep away from drafts areas.